Perspective | out now

“I hope to spread some pure and honest feelings and emotions through music. Hopefully likeminded people will connect with my music and feel less alone in this ever changing world. I hope to see you at my performances.’ 


Enjoy & Thank you x JELISA

Perspective Music Video



Leave Me Be


Sometimes | Live

Leave Me Be | Live

JELISA is a multi talented artist. Someone you should check out! The singer/songwriter was born in Amsterdam with South American/Surinamese roots. She used to be an actress and combines being model at Ulla models with being a full-time independent artist. 
At young age she was inspired by jazz, soul, the 70’s and artists such as; Prince, D’Angelo, Thundercat, Fleetwood Mac, Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder. And very much inspired by contemporary and experimental styles. That’s probably why JELISA infuses NEO – SOUL, alternative R&B, pop, indie with a splash of funk with her emotional raw & jazzy sound.